about us

Rebel Rebel is a new kind of management consultancy—one that leads with compassion, curiosity and courage, and can always be counted on to advocate for people. We'll tell it like it is and help you articulate and visualize your iterative story of change across the organization. We're designers, researchers, strategists, and change agents with heart. We're tired of the status quo within organizations and we're here to help guide you through participatory design exercises to bring about change within your organization so that you, your employees, customers, stakeholders, and communities can feel the difference of an organization that puts people first.

First, you need the desire to make things better. Second, you need an open mind and a willingness to participate. And third, you need the courage to stand up against naysayers who will try to stand between you, your company and positive change.


Jacquelyn Brioux
Founder & service DesignER