Our Services


Service design

Service design builds upon design thinking to improve the experiences of both the customer and employee by designing, aligning, and optimizing an organization’s operations to better support end-to-end journeys. Deliverables often include journey maps, personas, service blueprints, and system maps. To learn more about service design, check out this awesome video by Fjord, inspired by a quote from Marc Fonteijn. 

information visualization

As designers, we're natural visual storytellers; working with data is no exception. We leverage our social science and graphic design chops to envision complex systems and create artifacts that inspire data-driven decisions.

People Management Training

We believe in preparing individual contributors and new hires for people management roles, and offer individual and group training to help guide the transition. We follow positive, mindful, and purposeful leadership principles to foster enhanced job satisfaction, positive attitudes, greater engagement, and improved performance.

Executive Coaching

We're seasoned associates when it comes to working with executives to help them develop a design mindset and grow an in-house design capability. We're also trained in positive leadership and are happy to work with you to help you employ a more human-centered approach to leadership and employee experience.

Kpi Development

You're probably familiar with NPS, CSAT, and EODB, but we believe organizations can do more to ensure they are measuring against three pillars: customer desirability, business viability, and technical feasibility. Given our people-centered approach to business, we specialize in implementing metrics for subjective well-being and sustainability.

VoC/VOE Program Support

We take a holistic approach to understanding and amplifying the voice of your customers (VOC) and employees (VOE) throughout the organization. We'll conduct an audit of your existing VOC and VOE activities through robust quantitative and qualitative research and analysis, deliver our comprehensive recommendations for more effective and human-centered insights and analysis, and then work with you to ensure everything is implemented and running smoothly.

design research

We believe in the value of rigorous research, and work with organizations to improve qualitative and quantitative research practices throughout the enterprise. We also work with you to help structure your data collection, storage, retrieval, and dissemination methods, and are experimenting with living artifacts, powered by realtime insights.

design education

We're helpers by nature and enjoy working with organizations of all sizes to customize a design curriculum that meets your unique needs and goals. We're especially knowledgable in design thinking, human-centered design, service design, organization design, and systems thinking.

Organizational behavior analysis

Organizational behavior is the study of human behavior in organizational settings, the interface between human behavior and the organization, and the organization itself. We work with leaders to introduce exercises and assessments to better understand individuals in organizations (micro-level), work groups (meso-level), and how organizations behave (macro-level). 

Performance Evaluation STRATEGY

Who loves performance evaluations? Not us. But we're optimistic about the potential to apply participatory, holistic, and human-centered service design methods to revolutionize how organizations evaluate performance. We'll understand pain points and opportunities within the existing performance evaluation process, and work with individuals and teams to co-create a system that supports the needs and goals of all involved.

cultural transformation

Culture can make or break an organization, especially with respect to recruiting, on-the-job success, and retention. Large, bureaucratic and more traditional organizations tend to be mechanistic and favor formalized procedures and practices, centralized authority, and specialized roles; whereas, small, younger and more modern organizations tend to be organic and favor flexibility, adaptability, and open communication and decision-making. We work with organizations to better understand their current organizational structure and co-create a strategy for cultural transformation.

I have learned so much from you on service design and just design in general. This knowledge has proved to be a paradigm shift for me. Thank you for leading me in this transformation. You have left an important and impactful footprint at Fannie Mae.
— Anne G.